Friday, March 6, 2009

The News Is Out

Bowser is now 14 weeks in the making. These photos are of the mock article Brant made to send to his folks in Arizona. They were pretty surprised. We were able to tell everybody else in person.

We call the fetus Bowser because until now, it has closely resembled the dragon creature from Super Mario Brothers. I just know it's in there with it's inadequate arms, jumping up and down while breathing fire at regular intervals.

As you can see...Brant is pretty excited.

The article intended for Janet and Tony read:


Dr. Scott S. Harris, M.D. says Brant and Adrianne Meckel will be the proud parents of a new baby on September 5, 2009. They were surprised to receive the news from Dr. Harris during Adrianne’s routine thyroid check-up on New Years Eve, 2008 and later discovered that they were already one month pregnant.

While smiling Adri says, “We waited until the first trimester was over to spread the news because it’s such a precarious time. Concealing the pregnancy for thirteen weeks was tricky but it passed quickly because, thankfully, my symptoms and food aversions were minimal. It’s also helpful that I haven’t begun to show” She’s excited for family and friends to be a part of the next 6 months especially after hearing the baby’s heart beat for the first time on February 25. Brant, also thrilled, says, “It’s finally time to tell Tony, Janet, Ron and Jo that they’re going to be grandparents and Jamie and Sidni that they’re going to be aunts.” He’s sure they’ll be ecstatic at the news.

Just past thirteen weeks gestation, Baby Meckel is almost 3 inches long and weighs nearly an ounce. As it continues to grow rapidly, Brant and Adri look forward to their twentieth week ultrasound to discover if it’s a boy or a girl. Either way they’re overjoyed and between the two of them many baby names abound. Names favored for boys are Louis (Lou), Charles, Holt, Jack, and Jim and names they like for girls are Soren, Kate, Claire, and Kay.

Brant and Adri look forward to your call and can’t wait to see you in person to share the excitement.