Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Experiment in Etsy

So the past week I've spent at least 10 hours a day glued to my laptop, promoting, listing and chatting with other Etsy sellers, trying to get my work out there. And I've made lots of sales that way.

The Mother magnets have been around for a couple years, and in that time I probably sold maybe 12. But in the past 2 weeks on Etsy I've sold 35. I am very happy with this turn of events, but I'm exhausting myself and all my other duties and projects (like making art) get pushed aside when I focus entirely on promoting.

So today I'm challenging myself to avoid the forums of Etsy. I love them, and they have worked well for me. But I just want to see what happens on a day when I'm missing from them. If I get no views or sales today, I figure I'll start inching my way back in. That way, I'll spend the least amount of time necessary promoting to make the sales I feel are appropriate.

So if I have zero activity today, tomorrow I'll inch my way back in with one hour in the forums promoting. If that generates nothing, the next day will be 2. So on and so forth.

Hope I can stick to this plan.

My husband sure will be happy if I do. I think he misses me.

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Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Once you realize that being actively visible on Etsy, be it by relisting or by participating extensively in the forums can be directly related to your success, it's hard to try and back out of being on there all the time.

I wish you luck in finding the balance you need to continue crafting. ;)