Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wow, you have beautiful teeth

In the back of my mind I knew that the story about Washington's wood teeth was only a legend. But I believe the truth about George's chompers is much more interesting.

George evidently (according to a documentary I just watched) owned several sets of false teeth in his lifetime, but none of them were made of wood. Nope. They were only ever made of ivory, animal teeth, or get this....other people's teeth. Now that doesn't sound so strange to us, a culture full of organ transplantees and transplanters, but usually we get that organ after the donor is through with it.

Not our first president...he wants your teeth...NOW. He's seen them in action and he's decided that you can do with out them.

Now George didn't ask just anybody, and he didn't expect you to donate them for the good of the cause. He purchased them from his slaves. (and I'm guessing by the number of slaves he apparently had he had a pretty great selection to choose least for a while)

I love how truth is much more miserable and horrific than fiction. Thanks George.


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SleightGirl said...

That is so weird!!! So much cooler than the legend.

Sidni S. said...

Ahh sis, you make me proud. Keep collecting these fantastic tid-bits of truth.

revolt said...

Heh, wow. Good job George. Dont let anyone currently in office get any ideas. Very interesting :)