Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn Makes Me Sick...

homesick that is.  When I lived in Kansas for grad school I would miss Idaho, specifically the family farm, immensely.  And now, living in Idaho, during the fall I miss Kansas like crazy.  Something about the season turns me to mush and I get really sentimental and teary.  I remember making my commute to Lawrence when we were in Kansas, crying part of the way.  It was during one fall that I worked on a photo postcard project in a little town called Desoto Kansas.  I spotted the most beautiful old home and asked the owner if I could shoot images with his home in the background.  He said yes and also gave us a tour of the restored home, which was amazingly generous of him.  This produced a collection I call "Writing Home: A Postcard Project."  I remember that time in my life so fondly and maybe that's part of what makes fall feel just right.

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