Thursday, November 11, 2010

Camera Faced Man with Winter Trees, 2010

detail, Camera Faced Man with Trees, 2010
Hatched ink and charcoal. Inspired by a photograph I bought a while back. The tree limbs were fantastic and I had to spend some time with them. I'm now working on the next drawing along this line. Somehow these camera mechanisms sneak in as I draw, merging themselves into faces, etc. I keep coming back to the idea of the head being a camera...just a dark box imaging the world as it goes by. Being a photographer, I instinctively look at the composition of things and my drawings reflect this automatic 'camera eye.' I also see that with the convenience of digital cameras, phones, etc., people are facially connected to a lens almost constantly...recording the world in mind and machine. But what if the earliest cameras, the large and cumbersome ones had been so common in daily life? That's where I'm headed...

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